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Advancing the Turn

Oil Tycoon! is a turn-based simulation game. An entire game of Oil Tycoon! lasts 10 years (120 turns). Most actions you can take only occur after you proceed to the next turn. The following is a list of actions that are taken after you click the Advance Turn button:

  • Imported crude arrivaes.
  • Money from exported crude is received.
  • Refined products are added to the inventory.
  • Money from sold products is received.
  • Crude from oil wells is received.
  • If a land plot is depleted, it is put up for sale.
  • Land designated to be surveyed are finished.
  • Land designated to be purchased are bought.
  • Land designated to be sold are put up for sale.
  • Oil wells ordered to be drilled are drilled.
  • Money from sold refineries is received.
  • Refineries ordered are received.
  • Money from sold storage units is received.
  • Storage units ordered are received.
  • Storage rent is deducted from cash
  • Loan payments are made.
  • Do any repossession necessary.
  • Deduct taxes from cash.
  • Warning messages are displayed.
  • Graph sets glsGraphSet are displayed.

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