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Buying and Selling Storage Units
  • General Information
  • Buy / Sell Storage Units

    You will often need to buy storage units throughout the game.  Each storage unit hold 15,000,000 gallons of crude or products.  As you obtain more and more wealth, crude will come in from the plots more quickly.  If you do not have some place to put it, you will have to pay a hefty rent fee.  So, it is always a good idea to make sure you have a good amount of storage.

    General Information:

  • 1. Month: The current month you are in.  You start the game on the current month according to your computer clock.  The number in parenthesis next to the month is the turn number you are currently on.  The game lasts for 120 turns.

    2. Cash: This is the amount of cash you currently have available to you for purchases.

    3. Crude in Stock: The amount of crude you have in stock, either from importing or from your land plots.

    4. Storage Unit Cost: The amount of cash you need to purchase a storage unit.

    5. Storage Unit Price: The amount of money you can receive by selling a storage unit.

    6. Maximum to Buy: The maximum number of storage units you can purchase this turn.   This factor is based on how much cash you have available.

    7. Storage Units: The number of storage units you currently own.  Each storage unit can store up to 15,000,000 gallons of crude or products.

    8. Refineries: The number of refineries you own.   Each refinery can refine up to 25,000,000 gallons of crude each turn.

    9. Refinable Gallons: The amount of crude you can refine in this turn.  This is equal to the number of refineries times 25,000,000 minus any crude you have already set up to refine this turn.

    10. Storage Available: The amount of storage you have available for additional crude.  This is equal to the number of storage units times 15,000,000 minus any crude or products you already own.

    11. Storage Units Bought: The number of storage units you bought in the current month.

    12. Storage Units Sold: The number of storage units you sold in the current month.

    13. Buy Storage Units button: Click this button to purchase additional storage units. See Buying/Selling Storage Units below for more information.

    14. Sell Storage Units button: Click this button to sell some of your storage units. See Buying / Selling Storage Units below for more information.

    15. Close button: Closes the current screen and returns you to the main menu.

    16. Toggle Main Menu: Opens the main menu without closing the current screen.  If the main menu is already shown, clicking this button will hide the main menu.

    17. Buy / Sell Storage Units graph: Displays the trend of storage unit prices over the past 12 months. This white line represents the buying price of storage units, while the blue line represents the selling price. To highlight a particular line, click on legend display on the right for the line you wish to highlight. To hide a line, right-click the legend display for the line you wish to hide.

    Buy / Sell Storage Units:

    To buy storage units, click on the Buy Storage Units button.  The graph at the bottom of the screen will be replaced by a place where you can specify how many storage units you want to buy (shown below).  Type in the number of storage units and click OK.  It will take 1 turn before you can start using the new storage unit.  To sell storage units, click the Sell Storage Units button and follow the same process.  You will receive the cash in 1 turn.

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